Wholesale Kitchens

wholesale kitchens

At Sorrento Designer Kitchens, we’re specialists in wholesale kitchens. That’s why we can offer you such a fantastic price on the latest trends and designs in kitchens.


What we can do that a lot of the time our competitors can’t, is offer you very high quality imported kitchens and sell them directly to you. That wholesale kitchens at wholesale price. And what that means is that we capture the styles and trends of the cultures of the world and offer them to you as wholesale kitchens.


We do understand that we’ve all got budgets to meet and bills to pay, and that can put a new kitchen a long way down the list of priorities when it comes to distributing funds. What Sorrento Designer Kitchens can do to help is offer you such great prices on wholesale kitchens, you’ll be able to afford your quality kitchen renovation or installation immediately and not have to delay or pay for an expensive kitchen.


Of course the secret with wholesale kitchens, like anything wholesale, is that the price immediately comes down. Purchasing from Sorrento Designer Kitchens eliminates the middle man and the mark ups to provide you with quality wholesale kitchens direct.


It might all sound a bit too good to be true, but we are that confident in what we sell that we offer a 10 Year Limited Warranty. That’s quality reassurance at its best. You can also read what our customers have to say about us – we promise you’ll see that we’ve provided our customers with some of the best wholesale kitchens available at a great price!

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Sorrento Designer Kitchens offers you a great range of quality kitchens, with fantastic service and some of the lowest prices on the market. We started out specialising in kitchens Gold Coast, and are now honoured to be able to have a presence in the kitchens Sydney market.

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