Classic Model kitchens

Classic Model Kitchens  are great for families; that Sunday roast will just  never be the same again…

Classic Model kitchens

Classic Model kitchens


Why not give your house some character with one of our classic model kitchens? Perfect for lovers of a bit of tradition, you can be assured that your kitchen will never go out of style. They are called “classic” because they live on, keep working and are always appreciated – like a classic car!

Our classic model kitchens are available in several different designs that match beautiful style with great functionality.

Classic model kitchens use none of the quirky finishes and space-age designs that can be seen in many of the ultra-modern kitchens, and which can quickly go out of style; instead they stick to tried and trusted layouts and features that have served many an Australian family well over the years.

You will be no exception. Remember you don’t have to have a classic home to have a classic kitchen.


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