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Designers Kitchen Gladstone

Sorrento Designer  is a supplier of high quality imported designer kitchens in Gladstone.  We offer large range of flat pack and custom made kitchens which we can be distributed in all of the Gladstone Area. Visit our Portfolio page to see our large range of designer kitchen Images.


Options for your Designed Kitchen in Gladstone

Our product is created based on the designs and lifestyles of the Sydneysiders who own them. Trends will come and go, and functionality is key, so if you are planning on installing a Gladstone designer kitchen of your own, here are a few ways you can go about it:


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–       Installing a Brand New Kitchen

 A kitchen is a long-term investment, and for most, can’t be changed easily or frequently. Selecting a design that will stand the test of time will help prevent your kitchen dating and having to redo renovations too often.

–       Installing a Flat Pack Kitchen

For quick changes, apartment fit-outs or cost-effective Gladstone kitchens flat pack kitchens are a great option. Generally, flat pack kitchens will be going into an existing room, so it is important that you measure up before you start browsing. Because of their simplicity, flat pack kitchens are easy to mould into your Gladstone style. You may be able to paint the cupboards, select your own doorhandles, or even simply decorate with special plates or flowers to add a personal touch.

–       Doing a Kitchen Renovation

If your kitchen has dated, or just hasn’t even been a design that is properly functional, a kitchen renovation could be an answer. Keeping up with the latest Gladstone kitchens  renovations can be easily achieved by updating the cupboard doors, changing the bench tops, or even changing the taps.

The best part is, you can find all you need for any of these great options for Designer kitchens Gladstone at Sorrento Designer Kitchens. Contact us or come and see us in store for advice and to browse our showroom.



Great Prices

Sorrento Designer Kitchens offer very competitive prices on all of our kitchens. Their prices include the actual kitchen, transport and fitting, and all kitchens come with a 10 Year Limited Warranty.

Purchasing kitchens with Sorrento eliminates the middle man and provides the customer with fast efficient service and guaranteed quality. Our economies of scale enable us to sell at prices up to 50% below market rates.


Why Choose Us for Your Designer Kitchens in Gladstone


There is an extensive range of kitchens available for all budgets and style tastes at Sorrento Designer Kitchens.  We have a cost effective and aesthetic product for everything.

Sorrento Designer Kitchens supplies an exclusively imported range for home owners which are increasingly demanding.  Add our personalised service and stunning range of designer accessories, and we are a sure-fire winner. Kitchens in Sydney

Our selection of Designer Kitchens in Gladstone provide an exciting solution  in reach of every budgets:

  • Designer kitchens such as appear in glossy magazines and national television reviews. Our designers make glamorously practical proposals complete with samples, photographs and colour swathes, so you know exactly what you’re ordering before you commit to it.
  • Many kitchens Gladstone have older, dated and inefficient kitchens, meaning it’s time to rip them out and start over again. Sorrento’s unique business model cuts out half of normal costs. Right now, chances are you could afford the kitchen you’ve always dreamed of!
  • Our flat-pack offerings contain the same exclusive choices while enabling enthusiastic owners save even more money on the stylish kitchens Gladstone social media are raving about. They come complete with comprehensive instructions. Being local, Sorrento Designer Kitchens is always available for advice.

Why delay your kitchen project longer when a trusted Gladstone specialist is able to advise and steer you in the right direction within your budget? We have a variety of easy payment solutions, so contact us right now for an exclusively free consultation, and feel free to read the testimonials of our very satisfied customers. You could have your new kitchen in Gladstone a lot sooner than you imagined!



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